Update 4.4.20: Influenza, cough and COVID19. Suggestions for Genius Epidemicus. Can homeopathy, which we therapists use responsibly, help when conventional medicine reaches its limits?

Update 4.4.20: Influenza, cough and COVID19. Suggestion for Genius Epidemicus. Can homeopathy, which we therapists use responsibly, help when conventional medicine reaches its limits?

This platform is not intended as a treatment recommendation for patients – but only for exchange among colleagues! [Recommendations and measures of therapy for patients see below]

Update 4.4.2

  • A possible homeopathic rubric for COVID19: GENERALITIES; COVID-19 (22) : 3Ars.2160, bapt.2160, bell.2160, 2beryl.2160, 3Bry.2160, 3Camph.2160, carb-v.2160, chin-ar.2160, chin-m.2160, 2eup-per.2160, 3Gels.2160, just.2160, lach.2160, 3Lob-p.2160, lyc.2160, op.2160, ph-ac.2160, phos.2160, puls.2160, pyrog.2160, stict.2160, tub-a.2160 (quotes from Christoph Abermann)

Corona case 2 40 years, female, no permanent diagnoses or previous illnesses (self-presentation)


Headache, Arsenicum album [self-medication], malaise 0.5


Headache, limp, nausea in the evening, Arsenicum album [self-medication], feeling of illness 1


Headache, limp, Arsenicum album [self-medication], malaise 0.5


flabby headache, furry coating in the mouth and throat,

Feeling sick 1.5


limp tired, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat, no taste and

Sense of smell, slight fever in the evening 38.3, feeling of illness 5


limp tired, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat, no taste and

Sense of smell, slight fever 38.5, enema, then hardly any fever 37.5, Feeling sick 4


limp tired, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat, no taste and

Sense of smell, no fever 37.5, feeling of illness 4


limp tired, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat, no taste and Sense of smell, mild dry cough, mild fever 38.7,, imupret, at night woke up with slight shortness of breath, feeling sick in the morning 4, at night 6


limp tired, headache, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat, none Taste and sense of smell, slight dry cough, pressure and tightness in the chest, light Fever 38.4, 1xBryonia, [self-medication], noon test on Covid 19, at night no Shortness of breath, feeling sick in the morning 6, evening 5


limp tired, headache, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat, none Taste and sense of smell, dry cough, pressure, tightness and stinging in the chest, light Fever 38.2, 1xBryonia, [self-medication] woke up at night with difficulty breathing, Chest tightness and stinging, palpitations, circulatory problems, dizziness, diarrhea, panic, Bryonia and Belladonna [self-medication] a little better after about 1 hour, then with the upper body a little higher up, that helped a little, feeling sick during the day 5-6, at night 8-9, after Bryonia and Belladonna 6-7


extreme circulatory problems, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, extremely limp, Headache, sore throat, furry coating in the mouth and throat subsides, taste andSense of smell slowly comes back, slight dry cough, pressure and stinging in the chest,

Back pain, no fever 36.7, feeling of illness 8,

around 14:00 Elaps corallinum C200 [self-medication], nausea and dizziness somewhat better, feeling of illness 7

around 6:00 p.m. Lobelia purpurascens C 30,

circulatory problems better, makes you very calm, makes your chest “open up”, relaxation, there is some strength again, the remedy has everything I had taken best helped, feeling sick 6

 about 20:00 acupressure lung meridian and colon points and circulation, further improvement in Chest sickness 6, no shortness of breath at night, with the upper body helps to sleep a little higher up


very weak, weak circulation, but much better than the day before, slight headache, furry coating in the mouth and throat continues to subside, slight dry cough, some pressure in the Chest, no more stinging, can breathe deeply, no fever 36.9, RKT acupressure points for lung and reservoir Chest sickness 6, woke up at night due to slight shortness of breath,

Lobelia purpurascens C 30,

was able to continue sleeping, slept a bit with the upper body raised


very weak, weak circulation, but again better than the day before, slight headache, furry coating in the mouth and throat subsides, hardly any dry cough, some pressure in the Chest, no more stinging, can take a deep breath, no fever 36.6-37

acupressure pulmonary points and reservoir on the abdomen and Kidney points foot-knee

Illness 5. In the night towards tomorrow again chest tightness and circulatory problems, with the Upper body sleeping a little higher helps, sickness at night 6


very weak, weak circulation, as on the previous day, slight headache, furry coating in the Mouth and throat better than the day before, tongue less covered, 1/3 less dry cough, some chest pressure, no fever 37.1

acupressure pulmonary points, circulation

feeling sick in the morning 6,

Lobelia purpurascens C 200, –> then grade 5


[Feedback: I’m better, I’m over the hill, got Lobelia purp C200 again yesterday morning taken, the circulation is still weak, the lungs are still a little tight, but all symptoms are better than yesterday.]

Update 29.3.20

A possible Genius Epidemicus

  • As indicated by several case reports, Lob-p may have the ability to positively influence symptoms such as shortness of breath (with the feeling that there is not enough air in the chest) of COVID19 infection. The experienced homeopathic doctor Farokh Master also refers to this remedy as a possible indicated adjuvant homeopathic remedy for dramatic courses of COVID19 infection (which, however, do not yet justify inpatient or ICU-treatment). A final assessment of whether Lob-p has the ability to develop into the genius epidemicus can only be derived from the observation of further, directly and clearly positively influenced disease courses.

Update 23.3.20

Jeremy Sherr´s suggestions for additional homeopathic treatment in COVID 19-cases:

  • Prophylaxis with Acon. can be useful from the point of view when the psychological constellation can definitely lead to an Aconite state
  • Acon. appears to be indicated most likely at the beginning of the disease
  • Therapy must immediately follow the course of the disease, which means that more frequent changes of Remedies may be indicated.
  • There will probably not be „a panacea“ for the entire course of the disease
  • There will be no „waiting“ to let a remedy „develop“, the effect must be immediately readable or noticeable. There is no time to waste.
  • The question of whether a mixture of GE-Remedies can/must be given if the picture is unclear, is answered pragmatically with: Yes, the individual will probably resonate with the most appropriate Remedy and ignore the others.
  • Which potentiation? Very pragmatic, the one at hand, also the highest potentiation levels
  • Probably the most important remedies for dramatic courses: Ant-t., Ant-ars., Sticta, Phos., Bry., Lob., Lob-p

Update 22.3.20

  • The search for the Genius Epidemicus (GE) We are currently in the stage of the feverish (!) search for the genius epidemicus (GE), that means the remedy which covers most of the cases specially of the dramatic course of COVID 19. Previous recommendations from various well-regarded homeopaths must be viewed as irresponsible attempts to profile themselves and produce false hopes. So far, no clear GE has been extracted from the symptom constellations, and there are no clear cases of healing of pulmonary complications (by one or a group of remedies) that have been repeatedly observed by means. Even the extensive collection of COVID 19 cases from all over the world and their detailed analysis by Jeremy Sherr (which he demonstrates in his online seminar) only gave vague indications of a group of possible remedies (according to the stage) that could be considered for the GE. As already partially listed below, he gives references to Acon., Gels. Phos. and Bry. for the initial stage of the disease, Merc-s (viv.), Phos. and Ant-t. for the so-called II. stage and Ant-t., Phos., Stann., Lob-i., Senega, Croton-t., Crot-h., Mur-ac., Samb. for the serious courses to consider.
  • Discussion-Question to Jeremy Sherr: 21. März 2020, 23:33 What about Lob-purpurascens? If we read the picture, it resembles very much the symtoms of COVID 19 (Clarke, Boericke). Prof. Resch from Austria says, he had success in two cases. Dr. Heinrich Hümmer Herrsching Germany
  • Answer: this is a good suggestion I am using Lob inflata which comes out very important, but I like the look of Lobelia Pur

If you have cases or other info please send Best Jeremy

Update 19.3.20

  • Leading Austrian homeopaths are currently drawing attention to a homeopathic remedy, the image of which bears striking similarity to all stages of the disease of the corona infection and in which snake bites are also given as the cause [see below considerations for the use of snake products]: Lobelia purpurescens

Rubrics from MacRepertory: Complete 4.5 with
additions of A. Saine to LOBELIA

VERTIGO; HEADACHE; during (164) *
HEAD PAIN; GENERAL; influenza, with (4) *
HEAD PAIN; LOCALIZATION; Forehead; eyebrows, between (2) *
EYE; OPEN lids; hard to keep open (15) *
STOMACH; NAUSEA; headache; during (187) *

CHEST; PARALYSIS; Lung (67) **
GENERALITIES; CONVALESCENCE, ailments during; influenza, after (40) *
GENERALITIES; SEPTICEMIA, blood poisoning, pyemia (118) *

GENERALITIES; WEAKNESS, enervation, exhaustion, prostration, infirmity (765) *

GENERALITIES; WEAKNESS, enervation, exhaustion, prostration, infirmity; disease;
acute, in (51) *

GENERALITIES; WEAKNESS, enervation, exhaustion, prostration, infirmity; influenza,
after (26) *

Böricke MM:

Profound prostration of all the vital forces and of the nervous system; RESPIRATORY

Drowsiness; dizzy headache between eyebrows; cannot keep eyes open; tongue white feels
paralyzed as also do the heart and lungs; intense prostration of all vital
forces; deadly chill, without shivering; useful for the low, nervous prostration of

Confused and depressed. Headache with nausea, vertigo; especially between eyebrows.
Cannot keep eyes open; spasmodic closure of lids.

Superficial respiration; heart and lungs feel paralyzed; respiration slow. Heart beats sound
to him like boom of a drum.


Lobelia purpurascens [Lob-p.]
Clinical: Influenza, breaks out in hot weather, prostration, a deadly chill without shivering
but that overpowers the whole system, giddy, headache, and often a sickening

stupor, worse motion. Teeth decay, in persons who are nervous, liable to boils, of
hasty disposition and who sweat copiously.

From KONKORDANZ OF MATERIA MEDICA: Causa: Snake bites. Blood poisoning.

  • Outstanding Interview with Dr. Paul Herscue to epidemics in common and specially Corona to sse at unitedtoheal

Update 17.3.20:

New insights into the dramatic course of corona infection

  • In addition to the age of the patient, the SOFA index and D-dimer concentration provide important information on the prognosis of a COVID-19 disease, medical doctors from China report in the Lancet (2020; doi: 10.1016 / S0140-6736 (20) 30566-3) . (from Ärzteblatt 10.3.20)
  • This study and the findings from other recent studies show that both the so-called „cytokine storm“, i.e. the overreactions of the immune system as well as coagulation disorders and cardiovascular reactions contribute to the life-threatening complications of corona infections.
  • So in all considerations regarding adjuvant homeopathic therapy, those Remedies must be taken into account (in addition to those listed below) whose medicinal picture describes pneumonia as well as sepsis-like and cardiovascular complications and coagulation disorders, e.g. Crot-h., Cenchr., Elaps, Lach., Well, Vip., Both. and all snake remedies.

Update 7.3.20:

  • Reports in Lancet and Lancet and Lancet on corona virus infection in bronchopulmonary exacerbation with differentiation of the observed symptoms

Update 3.3.20:

  • Ant-ars-Picture especially for (viral) lung diseases (certainly still incomplete) (see below)

Update 29.2.20:

Coronavirus COVID-19:

What can we do (prophylactically) to possibly reduce the susceptibility and hyperreactivity of the bronchial system and lung tissue? Without claiming to be complete and with reference to the precautions below, the following can be recommended:

  • Zinc 20 mg / d: There is evidence that zinc intake reduces susceptibility to bronchiopulmonary infections
  • Vit D: Scientific studies indicate that an optimal level of Vit D can provide some protection against bronchopulmonary infections.
  • Curcuma: Inhibition of the expression of so-called TMPRSS2, an oncogene that the corona virus needs to penetrate the cells.
  • Lactobacilli to stabilize the intestinal microbiome and thus the immune competence of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Acetcylcysteine ​​200: In addition to the positive effect on the liquefaction of the bronchial secretion, the antioxidant may protect the bronchopulmonary mucosa from the feared hyperreactivity
  • Homeopathic prophylaxis against viral infections cannot exist from the basic idea of ​​homeopathy [treat the like with the like, without symptoms no homeopathic remedy],i.e. Recommendations for „prophylaxis“ with e.g. Oscillococcinum should therefore be used with great caution.
  • It can be doubted whether cistus as tea or lozenges is an effective or sufficient prophylaxis, but taking the phenol-like ingredients that obviously have an immunomodulating effect is certainly not wrong
  • Homeopathic (accompanying) therapy, especially in the case of acute bronchopulmonary disease, should be reserved in addition to medical supervision by therapists experienced in homeopathy, since in addition to the cliché recommendations made in many places, a large number of other (sometimes less well-known) remedies such as e.g. Ant-ars. must be included in the considerations.

The following case is intended to demonstrate that homeopathic (accompanying) therapy can be very valuable and effective and may therefore provide additional protection against the dramatic course of the disease:

A current exemplary case:

On October 24, 2019, the then 55-year-old patient felt a sore throat for the first time, which would go away again in the next few days. On October 27th suddenly raging limb pain, headache, violent nausea and stomach pain with a fever of 39.5. The next day, the right side of the lungs hurts to breathe and continues to have a fever up to 39.9. Because of constant right-thoracic pain without a clear auscultatory finding, instruction for inpatient diagnosis and therapy is given. There shows a tachycardia around 100 bpm, a noticeable hypotension down to RR 70/50 and a drop in oxygen saturation down to SpO2 90%.

After an X-ray examination of the lungs confirms the inflammatory infiltration of the right lower lobe of the lungs, the patient receives combined antibiosis with oral roxithromycin and ampicillin / sulbactam by infusion from the same evening, since a maximum increased CRP (max. 402 on October 30) and also a clearest increased procalcitonin (max. 31, 9 on October 29) indicate a bacterial cause.

With ongoing antibiosis and despite high-dose fever and pain medication with Novalgin (novamine sulfone), the patient continues to have significant pain in the right breast as well as most severe headache, the fever can only be lowered slightly. On October 31st, the body aches and pains disappear, but there is increasing nausea and disgust before eating. The shortness of breath increases despite the addition of oxygen and, although she spends the whole night standing by the window, the patient has the greatest difficulty in breathing, which triggers fear of death.

When the frightening symptoms continue unabated the next day (1.11.) with throbbing headache, the patient calls from the hospital in understandable fear and asks for „additional“ help, since the nurses and doctors are obviously at a loss as to the antibiosis that is already going on and give oxygen. According to the (accompanying) complaints Carbo-vegetabilis C 30 and Belladonna C 30 is brought to the patient, but this has no effect.

On the following day (2.11.) she compains about the same constant nausea, shortness of breath and headache when talking on the phone. The homeopathic analysis of the symptoms is repeated, which now results in the possible simile Ipecacuanha. Immediately (within a quarter of an hour) after Ipecacuanha C 30 is given to her, the nausea disappears, the abdominal pain increases intermittently and the headache disappears after one hour. The shortness of breath improves significantly. The transaminases, which were still within the normal range at the time of admission, are now found to be significantly increased.

On Sunday the 3.11. all pain has disappeared, the appetite is better again and the shortness of breath continues to decrease.

On November 4th the patient feels physically „on the ascending branch“ again, sleep is possible without interruption and shortness of breath, although the night sweats are still there. There is still shortness of breath at low loads.

What can this case teach us?

  • we can count ourselves lucky that we live in an age of (still) effective antibiotics
  • Antibiotics act exclusively on bacteria, the local tissue reactions triggered by them (or also by viruses) and the accompanying symptoms in the whole body have a natural dynamic that is not affected by the antibiotic (or the bacteria), for which the so-called scientific medicine (except maybe Cortisone and other anti-inflammatory medication with moderate success) has no handle.
  • We can count ourselves lucky that homeopathy can influence such a physical reaction.
  • Homeopathic remedies can and must (at least in the case of acute illnesses) immediately have clearly positive effects if they have been selected “appropriately”.
  • A placebo effect is extremely unlikely with a process as described above.
  • So far (still) inexplicably, homeopathic remedies work in potentizations of C 30 and higher.
  • Since viral diseases such as influenza and the like do not respond to antibiotics, we can count ourselves lucky if we have other therapy options as a tool….

And how did it go on?

Even after dismissal from the hospital, the patient was still in a significantly reduced general condition with shortness of breath at exertion, which persisted unimpressed by several homeopathic remedies and only improved immediately after administration of Tuberculinum C 200, but then immediately and clearly.

How can homeopathy support us with influenza (with cough), bacterial and especially viral pneumonia in case of COVID 19 infection?

  • especially when antibiotics are ineffective [virus] or do not respond adequately on their own [lack of improvement in clinical condition despite antibiotic treatment being tested]?
  • Does effective further adjuvant help exist?

Probably yes, if you are targeting homeopathic treatment, but always observing the limits of homeopathic therapy, close monitoring of success and, if necessary, adding conventional therapy options such as antibiotics if there is evidence of bacterial superinfection or insufficient immediate [!] Response to homeopathic remedies.

In the following I would like to give a few handouts for selected (mainly organotropic for the respiratory tract and the acute case) homeopathic remedies that have proven themselves clinically (and especially in personal experience, market with* or bold ). However, these are not exhaustive!

[All of the recommendations below, especially in the case of serious courses of influenza or pneumonia, do not replace medical advice, examination and monitoring and should only be done on the homeopathic side under the guidance of experienced therapists who carefully observe the limits of homeopathic treatment]

One of the most important criteria for the selection of homeopathic remedies for cough is the time of the beginning of the cough (especially at night), provided that it has a noticeable regularity.

Cough, aggravated

  • When lying down in bed in the evening, you have to get up / sit up again to cough up, then there is rest the rest of the night; Con. [noticeable in women, as a hormonal factor may be involved]
  • 11 p.m .: Bell, Coc-c, Ant-t,
  • 1 o’clock: Coc-c *, Ars, Ars-i, Ant-ars ?, * own, multiple experience with unbearable tickling cough deep down in the windpipe
  • 2 a.m .: Kal-c, Kal-n, Kal-bi, Kal-ars,
  • 3 a.m .: Kal-c, Kal-ar,
  • 4 a.m .: Nux-v, Ant-t, Kal-c, Phos,
  • 5 a.m .: Rumx, Kal-i, Kal-c,

to cough

  • deep-seated, bubbling, with a moderately loose expectoration: Ant-t
  • moist cold air aggravated: Rumx
  • with a salty-tasting sputum: Phos
  • mainly located on the larynx and upper trachea: Iod., Brom.
  • Pneumonia (only adjuvant if antibiosis is required):
  • general: Acon, Ant-t, Ant-ars *, Ars, Bry, Carbo-veg, Chel, Ferr-p, Hep, Lyc, Merc-s, Phos, Puls, Rhus-tox, Sep, Sulf,
  • Right lung: Bell, Brom, Bry, Chel, Elaps, Iodine, Kal-c, Lyc, Merc-s, Phos, Sang, Stram, Tub
  • right lower lobe: Merc-s, Kal-c, Phos, Chel
  • right upper lobe: Chel, Elaps, Sang,
  • left lung: Tub, Phos, Lach, Sang,
  • with persistent, pronounced nausea and severe headache: Ipec,
  • with a pronounced need for fresh air (wants to have fanned air): Carbo-veg
  • delayed clinical improvement under or after antibiosis with persistent shortness of breath and signs of delayed regression of pneumonic infiltrations or persistent interstitial infiltration: Ant-ars *
  • Influenza pneumonia: Ant-ars *, Ars-i, Ars, Tub, (only Tuberculinum bov. Is mentioned in the Repertory Synthesis, but this will certainly not be the only possible means (so this section is certainly still incomplete there) -> two better / more complete sections:
  • Breast inflammation-lungs-viral, due to virus attack: ……… ..
  • Breast inflammation-lungs-catarrhal: ………………………
  • …. “… .- …… ..“ ……… ..- …… “…… – ……….“….: Accompanied by influenza: Ant-ar*

* Ant-ars is a very underrepresented agent in the repertories, but this has proven particularly useful for interstitial infiltrations [which can persist after pneumonia]:

* Antimonium arsenicosum: „Found useful in EMPHYSEMA WITH EXCESSIVE DYSPNEA and cough, much mucous secretion. Worse on eating and lying down. Catarrhal pneumonia associated with influenza. Myocarditis and cardiac weakness. Pleurisy especially of left side, WITH EXUDATION, and pericarditis, with effusion. Sense of weakness. Inflammation of eyes and edema of face.

     Chest inflammations of children, restlessness with thirst and prostration, loose mucous cough, oppression, hurried respiration, crepitant rales.“ (See also MM Stauffer, Singh, Boericke, Schlegel, Imhäuser, Choudhuri, Grandgeorge, Dewey)

    The recommendation of Arsenicum album as the only homeopathic therapeutic agent for corona virus disease must certainly be condemned as a completely irresponsible whoever launched it.


  • general: Acon, Bry, … ..
  • right: Bry, (section still incomplete)
  • left: Ant-ars, Kali-i, Tub, (section still incomplete)

As already mentioned above, these (incomplete) lists (which will be supplemented) are specifically intended for homeopathic therapists, who can ask for possible confirmatory symptoms for the respective remedies and can assess the severity of the clinical picture and, if necessary, initiate the further other therapy requirements become.

2.Update 1.3.20:

Description of the symptoms of a healed corona patient from Wuhan who had developed acute viral pneumonia (theguardian):

On 17 January my muscles became sore all over […] By 21 January my body was still aching all over. The CT results came back showing patchy shadows on the lower sides of both of my lungs. I started to take some prescription medicine and Chinese medicine capsules prescribed by the hospital. […] On 25 January I had a checkup. I had begun to cough. It was a very dry cough with a little yellow phlegm. The results showed that my situation was worsening, with the infection spreading to my entire lungs.[…] By 26 January getting up had become extremely difficult and I was shivering with cold. I felt I was having a high fever, and I was: 39C. Reports later said that the situation could develop extremely fast in the middle stage, but before I knew it, by that evening the fever was gone. It felt like having been to hell and back. That period from 21 January to the 26th was the worst time. I coughed so bad my stomach was hurting and my back ached. Those were some of the worst days in my life.[…] I had another re-exam on 28 January, which showed both my lungs were getting better. After a medical consultation between the doctors, they decided I was qualified for being tested for the coronavirus….

I would also like to hear from others of impressive and clear or reproducible, immediately drastic improvements in subjective and objective clinical findings (especially in the case of respiratory infections), so that we can complete the strength and the homeopathic tools for the upcoming challenges through concrete, understandable experiences and bundle them synergistically.

Dr. Heinrich Hümmer, Herrsching


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