Homeopathy is just placebo therapy! For real? The case of an acute recurrent pancreatitis

The history

Patient E., W., male, 61 years old, had a traumatic illness behind him. He has been in the practice for decades because of intermittent unproblematic diseases, when he fell ill with acute necrotizing pancreatitis in October 2017, which was certainly also due to the excessively high alcohol consumption at the time. This time the disease takes an extremely dramatic course:

With upper abdominal pain and vomiting, the admission is accompanied by the emergency doctor in a district clinic. A SIRS with the onset of multi-organ failure, however, makes it necessary to transfer him from the district hospital to a university hospital. Due to the complicated course, an operative intervention is necessary, whereby intraoperatively, in addition to necrotic formations in the pancreas area, there is also an ischemic coecal perforation, which makes an ileocoecal resection with the creation of an ileostomy necessary. Since, despite the installation of several drains and ongoing antibiosis, septic conditions repeatedly arise with formations visible on the CT, further transgastric drains are created.

The inpatient stay, with a number of complications and intensive care ward stays, extends until April 2018 (!) and is followed by „follow-up treatment“.

The discharge home finally takes place with a terminal ileostomy in an extremely reduced-cachectic general condition and the full picture of a critical illness disease.

Fortunately, the patient can gradually be stabilized psycho-physically again with the help of a variety of therapeutic approaches and is in the meantime in a satisfactory general condition apart from uncomplicated incurring diseases.

In October 2018, the complication-free cholecystectomy was performed for asymptomatic gallstones and the ileostomy was relocated.

The prehistory part 2

In December 2019, however, the patient again had colic-like upper abdominal symptoms, constipation and the feeling of pronounced bloating in the upper abdomen. The serological pancreatic parameters with Amylase 291 [norm <125] Lipase 979 [norm <60] indicate a relapse of the pancreatitis. Due to the predominant symptom of bloating in the upper abdomen and other symptoms that indicate Carbo-vegetabilis as a suitable remedy, the patient receives Carbo-v. C 30, which luckily leads to a 90% improvement in symptoms within 24 hours and allows the patient to recover completely.

The current illness

Changing complaints can meanwhile be improved again and again until the patient appears in the practice on 4.1.21 acutely and clearly suffering from psychological and physical problems. The physical examination by the colleague again shows the picture of acute pancreatitis and the laboratory parameters (see Figs. 1 and 2) confirm this with a Lipase of 171 [norm <60], CRP 110 [norm<5.0], significant increase in other inflammation parameters, as well as a BKS 80 /

Fig.. 1: Pat. E., W. Blood serology of 4.1.21
Fig. 2: Pat. E., W. Bloodserology of 4.1.21

The patient himself, who has meanwhile become very experienced with the possibilities and positive reactions to the administration of homeopathic remedies, remembers the immediately resounding positive reaction to administration of Carb-v. at the last pancreatitis attack (with the same complaints) in December 2019 and asks the practitioner: Can’t I get the remedy that helped so quickly last time? So he receives Carb-v. 30 directly on hand.

It goes without saying that in such an acute event (especially with the dramatic history) the utmost caution is required when a homeopathic remedy is administered exclusively and the success of the therapy must therefore be checked very closely. The patient is also instructed to report immediately if the condition deteriorates even slightly.

When the laboratory results confirmed the diagnosis in the evening of the same day, the inquiry shows: He was feeling much better very quickly, he is absolutely confident about the further course.

It also goes without saying that very close laboratory controls must be carried out to confirm the subjective improvement.

Fortunately, the decrease in pancreatic irritation can be clearly read on the next day from the Lipase 68 [norm <60] and the general inflammation parameters also point in the positive direction (see Fig. 3).

As expected, the serology on the following day still shows a “delayed” further increase in CRP to 124.9 [norm <5], but when checked again on 7.1.21 this (see Fig. 5) also shows a normalization tendency (CRP 34 3).

Fig. 3: Pat. E., W. Bloodserology of 5.1.21
Fig. 4: Pat. E., W. Bloodserology of 5.1.21
Fig. 5: Pat. E., W. Bloodserology of 7.1.21

Homeopathy is just placebo therapy! For real?

As could already be seen in the immediate reaction of a lymph node afflicted with large-cell B non-Hodgkin lymphoma to the homeopathic administration of Conium by means of close-knit and comprehensive clinical controls, homeopathic therapy alone can, as can be seen, lead to immediate healing (in special cases even to malignant Processes).

In the case of immediate positive reactions – also in the context of critical disease states – which can also be clearly verified clinically and serologically, a purely placebo-induced cure appears extremely unlikely.

As is already clear from the request for close checks or inquiries (see above) in the case of exclusively homeopathic therapy of serious diseases, there is no apodictic certainty of cure in homeopathy as there seems to be with antibiotic therapy. According to the author’s experience, however, an „immediate“ response to a homeopathic remedy (required within a maximum of 24 hours!) indicates the correctness of the selected remedy in the homeopathic setting and gives hope for complete healing.

The statements and therapeutic approaches made above cannot be generalized, are only intended for trained alternative practitioners and doctors and are not a substitute for consulting an experienced therapist in the event of illness.

Dr. Heinrich Hümmer 9.1.21

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